1 on 1 SEO Consulting With Fuse by Feuza Reis

SEO Coaching With Fuse

This ain't like a regular consultation. Think of it more as an SEO clinic where we will be hands on and proactive updating your SEO and reviewing what are your weakest points in order to help you rank in Google and get new leads.

1 on 1 SEO Consulting With Fuse

What's included?

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I just wanted to tell you that I was doing a check on keywords yesterday and my newborn portfolio page is FINALLY ranking for my keyword and I'm on page 1 for it!!! This was the page you had me create back in Dec/Jan timeframe. My new maternity page is also ranking page 1. Basically all the pages that I've focused on are ranking on page 1 now. I did incognito searches too so hopefully my results are accurate. 

The maternity clothes post you recommended I published about a month ago and I'm #4 on page 1 just under yelp! I've got a list of keywords to keep working on and blog posts to do but I just wanted to say thanks for helping me focus.
Melissa Arlena