Blogging SEO Academy by Feuza Reis
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Blogging SEO Academy

Get Found online for your creative business.
Enrollment is closed

What if your website was bring in new clients every week making running your creative business a whole lot easier?

Let me tell you a secret. It can and you can actually do it your self!

I know what you may be thinking. This sounds great but I hear SEO is hard and super technical. Or you may have tried doing SEO work yourself and found it overwhelming or super confusing.

This is how I felt when I first fell in love with SEO. I felt like this crazy Brazilian mom was not welcome in this prestigious SEO techie word.

But curiosity got the best of me and I pushed forward. I learned SEO on my own and made a ton of mistakes. But in the midst of my limited knowledge, I applied practically tips and started seeing results. I finally saw the magic words in my inbox: I found you on Google.

Imagine not having to having to stay wide awake at night worried about where your next client inquiry is coming from? Instead be nicely sleeping and having those inquires come in over and over again.

Imagine taking full control of your website and blog so Google loves it and your ideal audience loves it.

The Blogging SEO Academy is a 4 week on demand e-course to help you to optimize your website & blog posts so you are found online by new clients.

Do you get scared when you hear the word SEO because it sounds so techy?

Then the SEO Academy is for you!

Hi, I am Fuse.

I love helping photographers and creatives get found online. I would love to see you in the academy. Check out what is included below.

In this 4 week course, you will:

  • Build a kick ass keyword list for your business to outrank your competition 
  • Optimize your blog pages to make sure your blogsite is not naked in the eyes of Google
  • Learn what SEO is and how Search Engines work 
  • Sign up for Google Business listing and learn all about local SEO
  • Learn how to create content pages to give you an extra boost in Search Engines
  • Learn what the heck is content marketing and how to have a content marketing plan
  • Learn how to blog with SEO in mind so Google loves your blog posts
  • Optimize your blog posts and blog pages so you can get found online for the keywords you desire
  • Get on a schedule to make SEO part of your workflow
  • Install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Learn what to easily read Google Analytics and MUCH MORE!
I have spent the past two years following the tips and strategies taught by Feuza in her online SEO classes. My website has moved from roughly page 10 to page one for 8-10 keywords that are used by families to locate a newborn photographer. I have a passion for creating fresh newborn portraits that will bring families back to the baby they held on delivery day. It is so rewarding to be found based on the quality of my work.

Feuza is an energetic teacher and her courses are easy to follow. She guides you with steps you can accomplish and is willing to answer all your questions. She gives you key information about the strategies needed to stay on top of your websites performance with out hiring someone. I highly recommend ‘Get Found with Fuse’ so you can put your website to work for you.
Linda Bainter, Photographer Lovin the Light Photography
Before meeting Feuza SEO was a LEGIT different language that I wanted no part of. The learning curve alone I felt overwhelming and gave me anxiety just thinking about it, after working with the SEO Queen and her ABC breakdown to SEO, I've gone from 26-72 views per day to 200-300 views per day resulting in more sign-ups for my opt-ins and lead magnets causing my email list to triple with a direct impact with selling more to my core target market, none of which would have happened if it wasn't for Feuza showing me EXACTLY how to make Google fall in love with my pages and pics with the tweak of a few words and clicks! 

What's included?

Video Icon 33 videos File Icon 13 files Text Icon 2 text files


Laying down the Foundation.
Intro to Course
2 mins
5 mins
Week 1 Downloads
284 KB
What is S.E.O? How Do Search Engines work?
6 mins
Intro to Keywords
16 mins
501 KB
S.E.O Basic Vocab
6 mins
Week 2- Blogsite Optimization
Week 2 Downloads
367 KB
Welcome video- Blog vs Blogsite
5 mins
Categories Clean up
11 mins
Content ideas for categories & blog posts
8 mins
How Google views our site
6 mins
User Friendly Blogsite Structure
9 mins
Website Structure Sheet
43.5 KB
Wordpress SEO basic set up + Yoast Installation & set up
9 mins
Blogsite Audit
4 mins
Optimizing your blogsite pages
10 mins
Yoast SEO Examples PDF
220 KB
Wix Video Academy.mp4
7 mins
Week 3- Blogging SEO
Intro to Week 3
5 mins
Week 3 Workbook
563 KB
Important Parts of a Blog Post
15 mins
Image Optimization
11 mins
SEO Rename Cheat Sheet
5.34 MB
Image Optimization- Lightroom example
12 mins
Blogging with SEO In Mind
5 mins
Week 4- Analytics and Ranking
WEEK 4 Checklists.pdf
98.2 KB
Setting up Google Analytics
3 mins
Killer Content PDF
1.56 MB
Tracking Plugins- Connecting to Wordpress
3 mins
Important Parts of Google Analytics Part 1
10 mins
Google Analytics Part 2
8 mins
2019 Updates
Websites for keywords & LSI
Tania Wicks Website Review Video & Checklist below
Tania's Loom Video with Questions
2020 Editing
Trending Keywords Coronavirus.pdf
566 KB
Google Business listing and getting reviews
8 mins
Bonus- How to create killer content! Webinar
(1h 50m 10s)
5 ways to get new keywords
12 mins
Local SEO E-Book 2018
9.9 MB
Bonus- Yoast Plugin for Blogging
12 mins
LSI Keyword Research Part 1
16 mins
LSI Keyword Research Part 2
12 mins
Redirecting Broken Links
Webinar Replay Vault
Backlinks & Online Directories
36 mins
Content Ideas for 2017
32 mins
Bonus- Social Proof
16 mins
Competition Analysis
(1h 21m 33s)
This was such a good investment! I had spent several hundreds of dollars and worked with companies that claim to help you with your SEO and get rankings, but they did nothing compared to what Feuza taught.
She truly was incredible and so invaluable to putting my business in a great place both socially and visibly for 2015 and beyond. Her way is easy to implement and guarantees results. She truly is remarkable and a must for small and large businesses alike!

I would highly recommend Feuza for any SEO or blogging needs, she is a great subject matter expert and her creative mind is definitely a valuable asset to your business!

Thank you Feuza for helping me better my business!
Malie Osborn, Owner/ Photographer
I enjoyed your class very much! It was no pressure, no judging and lots of information shared!
Toni Shaw

This is a 4 week on demand course with lifetime access.

This is a 4 week on demand course with lifetime access.

And yay there are bonuses!

  • Private Facebook Group where you will get your questions answered
  • Website Reviews in the group
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Lifetime access to course with any future updates

Helping Entreprenurs & Influencers Get Found Online

Welcome to Fuse School! I teach sustainable SEO strategies so you can book more clients, brand deals and live your creative passion.


Can I watch the course on demand?

Yes absolutely. I created the course to be at a 4-week pace with homework and checklists every week to help you walk through but you can watch it at any time.

Is this course only for Wordpress? What about Square Space and Wix?

This course is based on Wordpress but the same principles apply for both Wix websites and Squarespace websites. I have a checklist and bonus material for those websites. The foundation is the same and the difference is where to optimize the pages etc. 

Do I have to have a blog to take this course?

This course teaches how to optimize your whole website. Plus it comes with a lot of freebies. Technically you don't need to be actively blogging to take this course but I do recommend you blog once a month. Blogging can be a great resource for your audience and for Google.

Are updates included?

Since Google and technology changes often, you do get updated videos on any major changes. 

Do you have a support group for questions?

We sure do. We have a private FB group where I do monthly office hours.