Blogging SEO Masterclass by Feuza Reis

Blogging SEO Masterclass

Everything you need to know about getting your posts found!
Are you are a creative entrepreneur- frustrated with getting your posts found online?

Do you want to be found locally in your market?

Or have no idea how to get a green on Yoast?

Or even what the heck is SEO anyways? Then this master class is for you!

Confused about what Google Loves?

How to optimize your images to be found in Google Images?

Blogging SEO does not have to be complicated!

And once you know how to make it part of your blogging workflow then blogging SEO will come second nature to you and your posts will start ranking.

When you blog with SEO in mind, you:

  • Make Google happy which in turns brings you more clicks especially local clicks
  • Make your clients happy because you are creating content that they actually care about
  • Increase your social proof because your posts will get shared more

When I first started with SEO, it was so intimidating and I would spend hours upon hours working on posts not even knowing if indeed they were working. After test and trial I finally developed a practical way to make SEO work for me. Then join me in this Blogging SEO masterclass where I show you how to get your blog post s Join me in this Blogging SEO Masterclass as I show you step by step how to get your blog posts found and ranked in Google.

What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 3 text files


The Set Up
Welcome Video and Downloads!
2 mins
Blogging SEO Foundation Workbook
159 KB
What is SEO & How Do Search Engines Work
6 mins
Intro to Keywords & PDF Below
15 mins
S.E.O- Basic Vocab
4 mins
Blogging Categories
17 mins
The Plugins For Wordpress Blogs
57.3 KB
Blogging SEO
Download Blogging Workbook
321 KB
Important Parts of a Blog Post
15 mins
Image Optimization
8 mins
seo rename image cheat.pdf
5.34 MB
Blogging with SEO in Mind.
5 mins
New video coming soon Exploring the Yoast Plugin
11 mins
Lightroom Image Workflow- For Photographers
12 mins
Strategic Blogging Bonus - 2019/2020
LSI Keyword Research Part 1
16 mins
LSI Keyword Research Part 2
12 mins
Websites for LSI
Blog Post Formatting H2's for SEO
Trending Keywords Coronavirus.pdf
566 KB
How to come up with content ideas- Webinar
Social Proof
16 mins
Pinterest SEO Tips
10 mins

Helping Entreprenurs & Influencers Get Found Online

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