Keyword Strategy Mini Course by Feuza Reis

Keyword Strategy Mini Course

Find keywords for you photo business and start ranking in Google.
If you want your photography business to stand out online, then you need to start making Google Happy. Many photographers are making big mistakes when it comes to optimizing their website for search aka SEO. 

Text is the foundation for SEO so knowing the terms your audience uses to find our services and products is key. Let me help you find the correct keywords you should be using for your photography business in this mini-course. 
Perhaps you think SEO is super overwhelming but this is the first baby step you can take. In these short videos, I will walk you through exactly what are keywords, where to find keywords and where to use them! You will also get my bonus Keyword 101 Guide.

Keywords 101

Learn what are keywords and how they can help you get started with SEO.

Where to find keywords

You may think keywords is only about what you do so photography and where you do it, but there is more to learning how your ideal client searches online.

Where to use keywords

Learn where to use keywords to get found for your business.

Helping Entreprenurs & Influencers Get Found Online

Welcome to Fuse School! I teach sustainable SEO strategies so you can book more clients, brand deals and live your creative passion.