Keyword Strategy Mini Course by Feuza Reis

Keyword Strategy Mini Course

Find keywords for your business and start ranking in Google.

We know the importance of being found online for our business but knowing the terms our audience uses to find our services and products, now that is a whole different animal. Let me help you find the correct keywords you should be using for your business in this mini-course.

What's included?

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Keyword Strategy Mini Workbook
501 KB
Getting Started with keywords
Keywords 101
16 mins
How to find new keywords for my business?
12 mins
How to find keywords for my biz 2017 Edition
15 mins
Where to use Keywords for your business?
9 mins
Where to Use Keywords Webinar.pdf
5.12 MB

Helping Photographers and Bloggers Get Found Online

Welcome to Fuse School! I teach sustainable SEO strategies so you can book more clients and live your creative passion.